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> Copying the list this time .. reply vs reply-all :)
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 8:48 AM, Parth Malwankar
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>> On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 8:20 PM, Colin D Bennett <colin at> wrote:
>>> On Fri, 20 Feb 2009 09:56:39 +0530
>>> Parth Malwankar <parth.malwankar at> wrote:
>>>> Options:
>>>>   --last=ARG     Search for last N revisions. (default: 20)

>>> In addition to the --last=ARG option, could it also support a
>>> revisionspec range so that things like date ranges could be used?  For
>>> instance,
>>>  bzr revert --undelete src/foobar.c -r date:2009-01-15..

>>> Regards,
>>> Colin

I have the 0.2 version of the undelete plugin working with the
revision spec option. (help at end of the mail). Basically, the
usage in now consistent with the log command that takes
a --revision spec and also supports --limit.

I would appreciate any comment on the code[1] (and usage) in
case I have missed some finer points.

I have added a bunch of tests (ten) and will be adding some
more over the next few days.

Regarding integration into bzr core, I am fine with both, the
--undelete option as well as a separate command, the only
concern being where would --find fit in (ls?) if we go with the
--undelete option. Any ideas/thoughts?



Purpose: Undelete file(s) deleted using 'bzr rm'
Usage:   bzr undelete [FILE...]

  -v, --verbose         Display more information.
  -h, --help            Show help message.
  -q, --quiet           Only display errors and warnings.
  -l N, --limit=N       Limit the search to the first N revisions.
  --find=ARG            List the deleted file(s) with name matching regular
  -r ARG, --revision=ARG
                        See "help revisionspec" for details.

  This commands reverts to the last known version of a
  previously deleted file. It steps back in revisions
  starting from previous till the specified '--limit'
  (default: 20).
  Note that --limit and --revision are mutually exclusive.
  For revision filtering, the older revision should be specified
  on the left. For e.g.,
    -r -5.. will search backwards from the current revision to
            (current - 5) revision.for file to undelete.
    -r 3..8 will search from revno:8 to revno:3 to undelete the
            latest known version of the specified file.

From:     plugin "undelete"
See also: plugins/undelete, revisionspec

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