1.12 installer for Mac OS X 10.5

Brendan Simon Brendan at BrendanSimon.com
Mon Feb 23 22:38:21 GMT 2009

Szilveszter Farkas wrote:
>> I went to update bzr today, and found that there's still no 1.12 installer
>> for Mac OS X 10.5--9 days after the release.  Is there an ETA for this yet?
> I'll create the installer tonight (European time).

No installer for OS X 10.5 yet :(

>> If somebody would just document the packaging process, I know that I and
>> others have offered before to help make the packages when new releases
>> happen.  I'm happy to chip in to help keep things up-to-date.
> I'll do my best to document the process as soon as possible, although
> I have a lot of other duties.

It would be great if the builds could be automated and part of the 
verification and release process :)

Cheers, Brendan.

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