[MERGE] Make 'ls' aware of views

Eduardo O. Padoan eduardo.padoan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 16:11:20 GMT 2009

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 4:09 AM, Ian Clatworthy
<ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net> wrote:
> Eduardo O. Padoan wrote:
>> My first merge request, so I hope I've got everything right.
>> This patch adds support for the 'ls' command to be aware of active
>> filtered views.
>> Currently when you do `bzr ls` and a view is active, all files will be
>> listed. It should show only the files in the paths of the current
>> view.
>> Related to bug #332718.
> Thanks for this. Taking a *quick* glance at the code, it looks pretty
> close to right. It needs some tests added though before we can merge it
> to bzr.dev:
> 1. Take a look at bzrlib/tests/blackbox/test_filtered_view_ops.py and
>   add one for ls.
> 2. Take a look at bzrlib/tests/workingtree_implementations/test_views.py
>   and add a test for check_path_in_view. (It's now a public function in
>   the API so it needs an explicit test showing it works as advertised.)

Done. Thanks for the pointers, Ian.

> bb:resubmit
> Ian C.

    Eduardo de Oliveira Padoan

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