bzr push mistake.

Eric Berry elberry at
Sun Feb 22 00:01:58 GMT 2009

Hi all.
   I was experimenting with Bazaar, and the Centralized workflow. I made a
mistake when I pushed, which has created a "push branch", and I don't know
how to remove it.

My central repo is hosted remotely, and I wanted to push some changes from
my local branch to the remote one. I wanted to see if I had to put the whole
URL into the bzr push command, or if I could just use the "parent branch"

So, I tried "bzr push parent". I saw that it created a new branch, and now
when I do "bzr info" I see there is a "push branch" item under the related
branches section.

I was able to just push the changes to the server by using "bzr push
and I was able to delete the branch by simply deleting the newly created
directory, but that didn't remove the related "push branch".

How do I go about fixing this?


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