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Fri Feb 20 12:52:36 GMT 2009

"Eduardo O. Padoan" <eduardo.padoan at> writes:

> Some days ago I have written my first bzr plugin, to rename multiple
> files using a regexp. I hope that it can be useful to someone.

Sounds good. I think someone else had already suggested something
similar though? You might like to check the mailing list archives in
the last couple of months.

> As it is my first plugin, I'm not sure that I'm using the must
> appropriated API to collect the file names. I'd be very glad If some
> could do a quick review of it, thanks!

The first thing that strikes me about the API that needs improvement
is the name: when hackers think “regular expression”, the
conventional abbreviations are “regex” and “re”, never “rx”.

For ease of remembering the command name, I'd recommend naming it
‘rerename’ (amusing enough to be memorable, but perhaps too confusing)
or ‘regex-rename’.

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