ValueError: Cannot have multiple roots. in rich root repositories when using Tree.revert()

Ali Sabil ali.sabil at
Thu Feb 19 22:27:32 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I am trying to write a very simple plugin that generate a new branch from a
source branch, applying a set of transforms to achieve the same end result
as git-filter-branch. I am working on this plugin mainly to get a better
understanding of the bzrlib APIs, and I hope to be able to port the feature
to bzr-rebase later.

The issue is that I get a "ValueError: Cannot have multiple roots."
exception when running the filter-branch command inside a rich-root
repository, while filter-branch seems to work for the non rich-root case.
The source code for the plugin can be found in [1], and a traceback can be
found in [2].



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