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Eric Berry elberry at
Thu Feb 19 18:14:14 GMT 2009

> By the way, if this is a web demo, or being videotaped or recorded in
> any other way, let us know.  Maybe we can make the result into a
> community resource...

It's not going to be a web demo, and I don't think it will be video taped -
but I will talk to my boss and see about our policies for these things. It
might be possible to have it video taped, and then released to the public
some how. Regardless, I usually do more actual demo-ing in my presentations
to the team. So there will be lots of commands and file editing. These could
probably be turned into some sort of a wiki/blog/tutorial thing pretty
easily. After I present it to the team, and get some feedback I'll see about
putting it up somewhere for everyone to see and comment on. :) It would be
awesome if it could be used as a community resource.

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