[MERGE] RepositoryFormat.network_name.

Robert Collins robert.collins at canonical.com
Thu Feb 19 03:17:23 GMT 2009

This branch adds a RepositoryFormat.network_name method. We'll need a
similar thing for BranchFormat and BzrDirFormat eventually, but this
seems robust and complete for now. We use this in network streaming
(coming in a later patch) so that the server can determine the encoding
of the stream. [Note that issues relating to formats the server and
client don't have in common are orthogonal to this patch - a client
could send a format that is wire compatible with its stream but older
[or newer] than the actual disk format, if desired].

Separately to the streaming case, this patch is a prerequisite for
having the server create repositories directly rather than doing it via
VFS methods.

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