output of bzr add in 1.12? hmmm

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Feb 18 14:22:32 GMT 2009

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Matt Nordhoff wrote:
> David Ingamells wrote:
>> Alexander Belchenko wrote:
>>> C:\work\Bazaar\plugins\fastimport\exporters>bzr add __init__.py
>>> adding exporters/__init__.py
>>> add completed
>>> ^^^ ???? wt..?
>>> Maybe I don't understand anything in English UI, but is not the last
>>> sentence
>>> should have a period at the end:
>>> add completed.
>>> OR
>>> Add completed.
>>> :-/
>> IMHO "add completed" (whether in correct English or otherwise) just adds
>> noise to the command's output.
>> When you get the prompt back you know it is completed!
>> David.
> It was added as part of a patch that makes it more clear when "bzr add"
> rolls back after an error. I don't like it either, but it might help
> Ordinary Dumb User, so I can see why it was added.

Right, the specific comment on the patch is:
  (revno 3985.2.3)
  Changed output of add to not suggest partial success.

I believe the idea is that "bzr add" can fail halfway through, and then
rollback the action. However, that is probably uncommon enough that we
may not want to put "completed" on every run.

Other than that, I agree it looks like you added the file "completed",
so if we want output we should probably change the string.

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