[ANNOUNCE] bzr-svn 0.5.1

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Tue Feb 17 19:55:22 GMT 2009

I'm happy to release bzr-svn 0.5.1, the second release in the 0.5

This release fixes a large number of performance issues in bzr-svn
0.5.0, and fixes a couple of other minor bugs.

The changes since 0.5.0 are:


   * Fix parsing of "trunk/tags" style filenames in trunk 
     repository layout handling. (#324970)

   * "bzr push" now also works when creating new branches. 
     "bzr svn-push" has been removed. This requires a patched version 
     of bzr. (#127945)

   * Fixed memory usage and performance bug while iterating over a

   * When following prefixes, cope with branches copied from outside of
     prefix. (#325428)

   * Handle non-mainline history a bit better in dpush. (#329284)

   * Assume that ERR_XML_MALFORMED only occurs for non-Subversion 
     URLs. (#327287)

   * Only upgrade tags for which the revision they point to has been 
     upgraded in svn-upgrade.

   * Fix handling of "unusual" branch paths in sparse logs. (#325727)


   * Set svn:original-date property when revision properties can be

   * Add transport speed progress indication. 
     (requires subvertpy >= 0.6.4)


   * New cache that stores the most important metadata information used 
     when browsing history. 

   * More efficient pull from Subversion branches, avoiding unnecessary 
     calculation of revision numbers. (Requires InterBranch patch to

   * More efficient pull from Subversion branches, by using the local 
     branch ancestry to find out tag revision ids rather than the
      remote Subversion branch.

   * Use VersionedFiles.insert_record_stream() rather than 
     VersionedFiles.add_lines(), should be slightly faster.
   * By default, don't use a cache for log information when connected 
     to a local Subversion repository.

   * Only fetch rebased revisions once during ``bzr dpush'', 
     rather than after every pushed revision.
   * Use only a single graph object during push, rather than two.

The release can be downloaded from :

 * http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr/bzr-svn-0.5.1.tar.gz

The signature, made with my key (1EEF5276), is available from:

 * http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr/bzr-svn-0.5.1.tar.gz.asc

Please file any bugs you encounter in Launchpad:

 * https://launchpad.net/bzr-svn

(Please! We're down to the last 22, most of which are wishlist bugs
blocked by missing bzr features)



Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at samba.org> - http://samba.org/~jelmer/
Jabber: jelmer at jabber.fsfe.org
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