bzr clone, pull, revert

Gerry Reno greno at
Sun Feb 15 18:40:06 GMT 2009

I have not used bzr very long and I'm having trouble figuring out how to 
clone from a project, later pull to stay current, locate a specific 
revision that is tagged, revert to this tagged revision, the pull my 
copy current again with the project.

bzr clone http://.....  # project
<time goes by>
bzr pull  # want to stay current
bzr revno
bzr tags
5.0.0-2   1715
5.0.0-3   1725
bzr revert -r tag:5.0.0-3   # want to work with this tagged version
M bin/
bzr diff -r 1725
# no diff, good
# DO STUFF WITH revno 1725
bzr pull --overwrite   # here is where I thought this would make all 
files current again with project
bzr diff -r 1725
# hmm.. bad,  Should be at 1727 and different.

Can someone see what I've done wrong?


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