[RFC] Spec for having plugins bundle their dependencies into installer

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Sat Feb 14 10:39:19 GMT 2009

My 5 kopek.

Mark Hammond пишет:
> Also, in the longer term, Inno may turn out to be a liability; a .MSI 
> installer is probably ideal, especially when we get to the point where 
> people would like to roll out a bzr installation into a corporation 
> using 'group policies' and other magic used in such environments.

Inno is great and simple tool for simple tasks, and I don't think it was wrong
choice in the 2006. But today it's not flexible enough -- it's true.

I'd like to raise adjacent question: I personally does not like that I can't
select particular plugin to install or not. There is only 2 options: install
all or don't install anything. Inno don't support hierarchical components
groups, NSIS installer does IIUC. But I found NSIS too cryptic to grok it in 5 minutes,
and anyway msi looks more solid as Mark said.

Also I think build script and bzr.exe-related tools should live outside bzr.dev.
Well, maybe nested trees will spark this sometime, because AFAIUC my scmproj plugin
is not interesting for this.

Anyway, as one of the developers of QBzr plugin I'd say I will/can support anything
you need for bzr.exe, but I'm strongly against put this sort of the stuff in __init__.py.
The setup.py is designed for this tasks, don't invent square wheels, please.

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