bazaar and launchpad code standup 20090212

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Feb 12 09:52:19 GMT 2009

 * looking at ooo-affecting bug
 * repairing some bugs in fastimport code
 * today, call about getting involved with brisbane-core

 * working on bugs to do with merge proposals

 * paired with andrew on hpss; got another smartserver use case working
 * now got a groupcompress/chk plugin on in the gc plugin; not
particularly great performance together let; need groupcompress to be
 * today, fleshing out use cases better

 * worked on hpss cases
 * about to send a patch that fixes a niggle that causes it to spew a
lot of pointless trace info
 * today to continue on streaming fetch

 * worked on branch collection stuff and test suite
 * did many code reviews
 * today: more on branch collections, which are a set of branches like
"for this person" or "this source package" or "active branches in this

 * doing a patch which removes the "New" status off newly-created
branches, because people don't care to set the status to Development,
Mature, etc manually
 * hopefully getting on to the merge analysis daemon

 * various bits; now working on lp accepting merge requests with bundles by mail

 * worked on windows packaging - will try to talk to mhammond
 * did some debugging on a weave merge bug
 * want to get back into brisbane-core

 * today, began by uploading to the PPA for bzr, will look at doing
the same for bzrtools but not there yet
 * talked with john re packaging branches
 * also reviewed some bugs/patches

 * updated marketing sheet for pycon etc
 * more on copyright assignment
 * brisbane sprint
 * updating wiki to show a roadmap; will continue with that
 * ordered MSDN and will set up our own VM for development
 * will talk with Ubuntu people re backport/SRU

 * did some reviews and cleanups on loggerhead
 * cleaned up the inventory view
 * investigate problems installing bzr 1.11

Martin <>

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