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Russel Winder russel.winder at
Wed Feb 4 11:52:53 GMT 2009

It appears to get worse :-(

I have two Bazaar checkouts that are up to date with the Subversion
repository according to bzr 1.10 and bzr-svn 0.4.16.  bzr 1.11 and
bzr-svn 0.5.0, after 30mins churning on each, has decided the branches
have diverged.  This is clearly meaning that 0.4.16 branches are not
compatible with 0.5.0.

All this is made worse because having upgraded, the inadequacies of the
PPA system mean you cannot rollback.  bzr 1.10 and bzr-svn 0.4.16 no
longer exist as far as aptitude is concerned.

Please can Bazaar find a way of keeping all the released deb files
easily available.  PPA is clearly not good enough for the task users

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