[MERGE] Workaround buggy pdb.post_mortem.

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at canonical.com
Tue Feb 3 05:56:41 GMT 2009

I'm not totally sure we want to merge this to trunk, but this patch may be
useful to some developers anyway.  Before Python 2.6, pdb.post_mortem was
buggy if a generator was in the traceback:

This can be pretty frustrating when using BZR_PDB=1, because we're clever
people and use generators a fair bit in bzr!  Robert was bitten by this
today.  So this patch works around the bug, basically by reimplementing what
post_mortem() does, except for the buggy bit :)

It's already fixed in Python's trunk (and I think 2.6), so one option for
frustrated devs is to switch to 2.6 already... but otherwise this patch may
be handy.

For Ubuntu, I've filed a bug,
asking for the fix to be backported.


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