bzr 1.11.1 - qbzr visual diff bug

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Wed Jan 28 14:13:43 GMT 2009

Daniel Lidström пишет:
> From: Alexander Belchenko [mailto:bialix at] 
>> Daniel,
>> Can you check does your file(s) contain non-ascii characters (e.g.
>> accented characters etc)? I've got such wrong behaviour too often
>> when I diff my files in cp1251 encoding.
>> Can you run the command in your branch as:
>> bzr qdiff --encoding latin-1
>> Instead of "latin-1" you can use default windows encoding on 
>> your system
>> (I'm not sure which one is the right encoding for you, either 
>> cp1252 or 
>> cp1250, I'm not sure).
>> Does encoding option help you?
> Yes! That surely helped. I tried this command:
> bzr qdiff -r 30..31 --encoding latin-1
> The attached screenshot shows what I would expect.

OK, so this is really known issue with encodings.

If you have all your files in the latin-1 encoding then you can set
this option in your main bazaar.conf, i.e. add following line:

encoding = latin-1

to the file bazaar.conf in the your Application Data folder, look at the
output of `bzr version` for the line like this

Bazaar configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\bazaar\2.0

In that folder you'll find bazaar.conf.

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