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Robert Collins wrote:
> I *do not* want to load all plugins.

Yeah, I got that partway through the email.  I thought I'd deleted that.

>>> which is a dead chicken.
>> If you mean it's voodoo, I disagree.  It's reasonably easy to understand.
> Its easy to understand but its replicating logic that in the common case
> isn't needed.

There is no common case.

>>> What harmful effect will setting the path have?
>> It will cause bzrlib clients to load bzr plugins from the system path,
>> which will be incompatible with their local version of bzrlib.
> If I put a patch forward that doesn't spuriously add the system python
> to the path

Adding the system python to the path is *right* for many cases.  It's
also *wrong* for many cases.  Therefore the client should decide.

> (there is a bug in the path setting at the moment affecting
> normal bzr as well as bzr clients), what harmful effects would setting
> the path by default at module load have?

It would be setting bzrlib to load plugins that the client author hasn't

>> Launchpad and Bundle Buggy have both been hit by bad default plugin
>> paths, even though Launchpad tried to control the plugin path.
> I know that - but I'm not proposing to *load plugins*, only to set the
> path.

Which would mean that the wrong plugins would be loaded if we used the
"from foo import bar" method.

> And both can set it to whatever they like *anyway*.

Yeah, but they need to remember to do that.  These are the sort of bad
defaults that look right up until the point that stuff starts breaking
for all users.

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