[MERGE] Command for opening Launchpad pages for Launchpad branches

Jonathan Lange jml at mumak.net
Sat Jan 24 15:21:08 GMT 2009

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Hello Bazaaros,

A lot of the time, I want to open the Launchpad web page for a branch
that I'm working on. The way I normally do it is by opening up the
Code tab for whatever project I'm working on, then finding it in the
listing. This is a bit of a pain, so I decided to teach my computer
how to do it for me.

I thought a bit about just opening the public location in the web
browser, since that might well work for non-Launchpad branches. I
decided not to for two reasons:
    1. Many of my branches have a bzr+ssh:// URL as their public location.
    2. That would take me to Launchpad's loggerhead page for that
branch. I actually want to go to the main branch page (e.g.

I still think that a command, similar to this one (perhaps called 'bzr
open'), that opened the public location would be a good idea. It's
just a good idea for another patch.

The attached patch fiddles around with the LaunchpadService class so
that it also has a get_web_url_for_branch_url() method. This might be
pushing the class beyond it's original intent, but it seemed like the
least wrong thing to do given the constraints.

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