Short, task-based bzr doclets for real-world use cases.

Karl Fogel karl.fogel at
Thu Jan 22 07:00:11 GMT 2009

Ian Clatworthy <ian.clatworthy at> writes:
>> I hate to nominate someone else, but I'll have to say that so far Ian
>> has been doing a great job on refining our documentation, and would
>> probably fit a good role as "editor". It is certainly up to him if he
>> wants to take the job. I'm just giving him credit for what we have done
>> so far.
> I would normally jump at the opportunity and I'm happy to take on that
> role in the last half of the year, say. Before then, I'm hesitant to
> make commitments to anyone on anything (for health treatment reasons).

Oh, actually Tim Penhey and were just talking in IRC about how it might
be better to solicit for a volunteer for this -- you've got a lot on
your plate already.  Plus you should take care of yourself: in those
famous words from The Princess Bride, "If you haven't got your health,
you haven't got anything".

(I sure hope you've seen the movie, or that line isn't going to make
much sense.)

So don't worry about it.  I'll make a separate post now to try and drum
up a volunteer editor.


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