Converting an SVN Repository to Bazaar

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Wed Jan 21 14:19:07 GMT 2009

On Wed, 21 Jan 2009 09:10:43 +0000
"A. S. Budden" <abudden at> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have been trying to convert my subversion repository to a bazaar
> repository, but I have been having some problems so was hoping that
> someone on this list might be able to help.

In my experience for several projects, using the 'bzr-svn' plugin [1]
has worked excellently.  If your projects have branches or tags,
bzr-svn will use these.  Just use 'bzr svn-import SVN_REPOSITORY' to
import the repository.  For instance,

  mkdir relay_test_controller && cd relay_test_controller
  bzr init-repo . --1.9-rich-root
  bzr svn-import /path/to/avr/relay_test_controller

This assumes that the standard SVN trunk, branches, and tags
directories exist under the 'relay_test_controller' directory, and will
import the branches into the shared repository.



[1] bzr-svn stable branch
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