[MERGE] fix bzr log --short and add a test

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Fri Jan 16 22:39:52 GMT 2009

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It turns out that we test "bzr log --short" when there are merges. It
just happens that this code path is only exercised when you use "bzr log
- --short -r X..Y", which is probably why Ian didn't see it.

I didn't end up submitting the "quick fix", as I wanted to do a bit
more. The attached fix does:

a) "if not include_merges" instead of "if include_merges is False", we
could also do "bool(generate_merges or specific_fileid)", but I don't
really like the "is False" construct anyway.

b) Add a test case of using 'log --short -r2..3'

c) Remove the special casing of logging the entire mainline. In my
timing tests for bzr.dev, there was no difference between "bzr log
- --short" with or without that code path, and it is one less bit of code
that needs to be maintained and tested.

I'd still like to get this merged soon, because I use bzr.dev all the
time. (And I'm glad I could catch this regression early :).


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