[RFC] Multi-glob rules && cmd_rules

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Jan 16 10:14:12 GMT 2009

Ian Clatworthy пишет:
> Marius Kruger wrote:
>> I've always suspected but finally decided that I NEED rules to properly
>> configure my text checker plugin.
>> here is an example of what I'd like to configure:
>> ==
>> [name *.py, *.java, NEWS, README]
>> trailing_whitespace=fail
>> leading_tabs=warn
>> newline_at_eof=warn
>> long_line_length=80
>> long_lines=ask
>> ==
>> As you can see I'd like to specify the same bunch of rules for multiple
>> globs.
> I like this suggestion. My only comment is that I think space-separation
> is enough (with the usual "" wrapper for patterns containing spaces).
> I think it would make RULES files both more compact and more readable.

Perhaps it's too late to ask such questions, but...
Why for "name" needed in the section header?
Why you don't use just:



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