[MERGE] Add call_with_body_stream to _SmartClient; add support for streamed request bodies to the server.

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at canonical.com
Mon Jan 12 04:47:20 GMT 2009

This patch adds support for streamed request bodies to the smart client
and server.  It was always a planned part of the protocol so it
shouldn't cause any trouble for earlier servers; they'll just reject
those requests with no fuss (and no disconnections required).

The API on the client is that you can pass an iterable to
_SmartClient.call_with_body_stream.  The iterable should produce

The API on the server is that a class implementing an RPC may override
do_chunk to receive body bytes as they arrive.  Or, as before, they may
leave the default implementation of do_chunk untouched and just
implement do_body to receive the entire body as a single string.

There are a few parts of this patch related to tuples and bencode that
are superceded by
Those parts are basically tangential to this patch anyway.


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