to group compress or not to group compress

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Thu Jan 8 14:48:34 GMT 2009

>>> I don't think that is entirely true. It depends on the magnitude, but
>>> people often use "this takes XXX MB" as a benchmark.
>> Of course, they do, but current disk use of Bzr is good enough that
>> improving it won't bring us many new converts.  Speed on the other hand
>> is an issue that's brought up a lot more often by people who don't
>> necessarily do comparisons with other VCS.
> Au contraire. A brief test of replaying a subset of the commits we've

Let's see: your Svn repository is about 3GB, in Bzr you expect 20%
increase, i.e. 3.6GB.  So if we assume that size is a big concern and
work hard to reduce this size by half (a *big* effort), down to 1.8GB,
what would your devs say:

> time until it is complete... Current space is about 6GB for 6
> checkouts and greater than 6GB for bazaar with a shared repo - most
> devs have one or two working copies and we'll likely get some
> resistance from them, justified or not, when you tell them that 2GB
> will become 4GB (they still point out that CVS was half as big as the
> Subversion working copies).

Hmmm instead of 4.6GB (3.6GB repository + 2*500MB checkout), that'll now
be 2.8GB.  Still significantly more than Subversion's 2GB.  Looks like
it's still not going to win us many new converts.  So I think you
unwittingly agree with me.


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