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John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> I'm guessing Martin's idea is that you can write out "simple" JSON
> objects, and have some javascript that is running on the clients machine
> to actually do the rendering.

Some of the time.  But he also said it would also be necessary to render
it server-side some of the time.

> So you end up "scaling up" the rendering portion by farming it out to
> every client that connects, rather than doing any rendering on the
> server side.
> There is a similar amount of actual HTML rendering, but it is being done
> by N clients, rather than 1 server.

I suspect we'd have to render it server-side on the initial page view,
since we can't determine whether JS is supported from an initial GET
request.  That might deflate the advantage significantly.  Rendering
server-side could be more expensive than it is now, and would probably
be more complex.

> That said, I don't really know what the rendering bottlenecks are. It
> certainly seems that most pages are "mostly static" anyway, so you could
> cache at the HTML layer until a branch's tip revision changes.

And Bazaar's model is append-only, you could store many things longer
than that.

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