Plans for Loggerhead

Robert Collins robertc at
Wed Jan 7 02:15:12 GMT 2009

> So, my proposal is to develop a loggerheadlib, something completely
> new, fully tested, which, at it's higher level returns json objects.
> On top of that, we can have a simple plain html interface which is
> rendered by parsing these jsons internally for the
> javascript-impaired, and a nice ajax-based interface with all the
> coolness and server-side processing savings that it gives us.
> I haven't thought out all the details, but this is more or less what
> I've come up with (some of them by bouncing ideas off of mwhudson):

High level questions:
 - json objects are usable by browser side code as-in ?
 - You seem to suggest a _lot_ of new caching activity in loggerhead,
   which scares me badly. Have I misunderstood?

Random thoughts:
 - loggerheadlib should be 'bzrlib.plugins.loggerhead
 - how does this help with working with multiple branches at once in


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