[MERGE/RFC] case sensitivity on Windows

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Mon Jan 5 00:04:48 GMT 2009

Mark Hammond wrote:
>> Mark Hammond wrote:
>>> I believe I've addressed every other comment in the attached patch.
>> Thanks for the improved implementation inside builtins.py. With changes
>> like this, I'm never quite sure we've got every spot necessary but it
>> certainly now feels (to me) like a safe step forward.
>> bb:tweak
> Thanks again, but I must admit I'm finding the patch-ping-pong somewhat tedious.  The only substantive change relates to the doc build process, and I'm not familiar enough with that to ensure I won't get it wrong another time.

"tweak" isn't meant to be a ping-pong: it means the person merging it to
bzr.dev should make some minor changes as part of the merge process.

To test out doc changes, I simply run "make docs" in the root of the
bzr.dev tree. I can then read the formatted output. Alternatively, you
can typically just convert by hand using a command like ...

  rst2html foo.txt > foo.html

That will pick up 99% of doc bugs because issues are nearly always
ReST parsing gotchas.

> As this, and the setup.py patch are both sitting at "tweak" with very minor issues, I'll hope someone with submit permissions chooses to help out and land what they find appropriate.

Lots of us are back from leave/holidays today so hopefully we'll
get the second review/approval needed and get these landed RSN.
(FWIW, I was on leave last week but wanted to get some particular
stuff done regardless.)

Ian C.

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