'bzr --coverage' for plugins

Matt McClure mlm at aya.yale.edu
Sat Jan 3 19:19:54 GMT 2009

I'm using 'bzr --coverage coverdir selftest' for the first time, and I hoped
it would give me test coverage information for my bzrp4 plugin.  However, I
don't see any .cover files in coverdir for bzrp4 source files.  I used
BZR_PLUGIN_PATH to set the parent directory of the bzrp4 directory.  I do
see .cover files for bzr source files and for the launchpad plugin that is
installed inside the bzrlib/plugins directory.

How can I make --coverage find my plugin source files relative to
BZR_PLUGIN_PATH?  Or is there a better way to get coverage information for
Bazaar plugins?

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