What's the status of Python 2.6 support?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Dec 30 09:37:40 GMT 2008

Vincent Ladeuil writes:

 > Do we really want to keep that code ? AIUI it makes sense only in
 > environments where the default python is 2.3.  I don't think
 > there are still older pythons around without a newer one
 > available and I doubt that environments can still propose
 > python-2.3 as the default python...

There are a lot of people still using Mac OS X 10.4 (at least, they do
a lot of complaining about recent Apple security releases breaking the
world on Apple's forums ;-).  Most likely those folks who are using
bazaar are also using MacPorts or Fink, where the default is 2.4 by
now and maybe 2.5 for new installations of Python, but the system
Python is 2.3.

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