How to clone a bzr repository

Colin D Bennett colin at
Tue Dec 30 07:34:51 GMT 2008

On Sun, 28 Dec 2008 16:47:28 +0100
"Dmitri Pissarenko" <dmitri.pissarenko at> wrote:

> Hello!
> I have a bazaar repository on my Windows machine.
> I want to clone this repository on my xubuntu machine, which is
> connected to the Windows machine.
> Basically, I want to "pull" the repository from the Windows machine to
> the ubuntu machine.
> What steps must be done in order to do this via Bazaar smart server
> protocol or FTP?
> When using FTP I see that the FTP server on the Windows machine
> establishes a connection to the ubuntu machine, but no data are
> transferred and, in the end, bazaar (on the xubuntu machine) tells me
> that some problem has occured during transmission.
> Thanks in advance
> Dmitri Pissarenko

You might check out the repo-push plugin
or the bzr-mirror plugin <>.

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