rewriting bzr serve command at the server yields an error

Tzury Bar Yochay at
Sun Dec 28 18:27:54 GMT 2008

I was trying to hook at bzr+ssh:// by using the parameter `command="my_hook"`
at .ssh/authorized_keys.

When doing so I observed the following command transmitted over ssh:
'bzr serve --inet --directory=/ --allow-writes'

for security reasons, I wanted to modify the `--directory=/` so it will
not point to the root, but to another location (where a bzr repository exists)

i.e. instead of bzr serve --inet --directory=/ --allow-writes
I rewrote it as `bzr serve --inet --directory=/pub/bzr-repos/repo-foo

When doing so I got an error:
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://localhost/pub/bzr-repos/repo-foo".

I added a trailing slash `/repo-foo/` and it did not made a change

at the `client` side I was typing:
`bzr branch bzr+ssh://localhost/pub/bzr-repos/repo-foo`

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