scmproj: plugin for organizing set of VCS branches as complex project

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Dec 23 04:54:53 GMT 2008

Jelmer Vernooij пишет:
> Hi Alexander,
> Am Montag, den 22.12.2008, 17:11 +0200 schrieb Alexander Belchenko:
>> I'd like to present new plugin for bzr: scmproj.
>> This plugin is designed to help handling complex project configurations
>> where each project component is actually separate branch.
>> This plugin inspired by CVS modules, svn:externals, hg forest extension,
>> git submodules support and Bazaar Nested Trees specification.
>> Project at Launchpad:
>> Basic idea of the plugin is: you describe your project in the special config,
>> provide for each project component information about where to get the
>> source branch and where to put working copy of the component in the
>> local project workspace. Then you're using special project-* commands
>> (provided by scmproj plugin) to work with entire project as single unit.
>> (Well, almost).
> How does it relate to Robert's config-manager tool ? From your
> explanation, I gather it's a bit like it but more integrated with bzr.
> Is that correct ?

Hi Jelmer,

Heartily to say: I don't know. I've looked at config-manager several times
but never managed to get it work for me. So I simply have no experience
with config-manager to answer.

But I'd like to understand too, how my work related to config-manager
and Nested Trees specification (because some important details is not clear
enough in the spec for me). If somebody will help with this comparison,
it will be fantastic. Because many people will be curious about this topics,
I guess.

I'm not sure what you called "more integrated with bzr". The overall design
is VCS-agnostic, but current implementation is a bzr plugin, because there
is many useful code in bzrlib itself.


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