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Brian de Alwis bsd at
Sat Dec 20 00:33:40 GMT 2008

On 19-Dec-2008, at 4:37 PM, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> The primary issue is that we don't version the file permissions. We
> generally *preserve* them, but if you delete a file completely, and  
> then
> use "bzr revert" to bring it back, it will come back based on your
> umask. So likely to either be rw-rw-r-- or rw-r--r--- (umask 0002,  
> 0022
> respectively).

You may want to look at using something like mtree.  mtree is a BSD  
tool that uses a declarative format for recording, verifying, and  
setting permissions for a directory tree or paths; you could version  
control the declarative file along with your changes.  There are some  
writeups online about using it as a trip-wire:

mtree ships with the *BSD distributions and MacOS X, and might be part  
of some of the Linux package distributions (it's in as  
sysutils/mtree).  The source is available from:

or via CVS as:

	cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at co pkgsrc/ 


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