[MERGE/RFC] Content filters - take 6

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at internode.on.net
Thu Dec 18 07:57:20 GMT 2008

Attached is a patch implementing content filtering
if and only if trees say they support it. While I'm
reasonably happy with it and it may be sufficient for
others to start experimenting with it (when used in
combination with the 1.12-previews formats posted
separately), I'm not 100% convinced that the code is
now correct, given changes in bzr.dev since I wrote
the core code 6 months back.

In particular, I'd like some feedback from the
dirstate gurus about these changes. It's already
taken me a few days :-( to get the code working again
but I'm afraid it may break when C extensions are
used for example? I also fear that the new _observed_sha1
API implies changes I'm yet to grok?

My other big concern about landing this is the lack of
tree/branch specific rules. Global rules (BZR_HOME/rules)
*might* be ok for EOL support but it scares me in
other places when this feature is applicable, e.g.
keyword expansion. In the name of keeping metadata
out of the tree and making life bearable for bzr-svn,
we've agreed to not using a .bzrrules file. Perhaps
we still ought to support .bzr/branch/rules say, or
.bzr/checkout/rules, even if that implies/requires
local editing (ala branch.conf)? If we can get agreement
on a location, I can easily add the code back in to
lookup non-global rules.

Anyway, it's nice to have this code back on the table
even if it still needs a few more rounds in the ring.

Ian C.
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