merging unrelated branches

Tom Widmer tom.widmer at
Tue Dec 16 14:20:26 GMT 2008

roehnsch at wrote:
> How do I bring the revisions stored in one branch into another, more
> general branch? Both branches aren't related, i.e. share no common
> revisions.
> To be more precise. Given a branch foo with some revisions and a branch
> bar, with completely different content. I'd like to have the working dir
> files of 'foo' in a foo subfolder of the branch 'bar'. Also, the revisions
> connected to the foo branch should be available in 'bar'.
> Is it even possible?

Yes, I think so.

Create a branch of foo. In the branch, move all the files into a new 
subfolder, foo.

Now, simply merge this branch into bar:

cd bar
bzr merge -r0..-1 ..\foo

(you have to specify the revision range manually since there is no 
common ancestor)


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