Loom switch pain

Barry Warsaw barry at canonical.com
Fri Dec 12 16:09:04 GMT 2008

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On Dec 11, 2008, at 8:00 PM, Aaron Bentley wrote:

> Jonathan Lange wrote:
>> I've been hitting this a lot. What would help, I think, is either an
>> option to switch to say "yes, I know there are edits", or a way of
>> undoing the mistaken switch. As it is, I don't really know how to  
>> undo
>> it, and have just been reverting, losing my changes.
>> What do you all think should be done?
> Switch is working the way it's supposed to work.  Use down-thread.  It
> will halt if you have uncommitted changes.

Has down-thread always worked that way, or is that new-ish?  I ask  
because in the past I've hit the exact problem Jono describes even  
when using down-thread (I actually never use switch).  I don't recall  
seeing that happen since starting to use Aaron's looms-stuff branch.

Speaking of which, should I still be using Aaron's special looms-stuff  
branch or has all that been folded back onto the looms trunk?  Should  
I be using the latter now?

- -Barry

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