Repository size . . . is this right

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at
Tue Dec 9 23:12:09 GMT 2008

Russel Winder wrote:
> I have a Git repository of the Gradle project with two branches and it
> is 132932 MB.
> I have a Bazaar shared repository of the Gradle project with 4 branches
> (each branch working tree is about 30MB) and it was 481640 MB.  I did a
> pack on the 4 branches in the shared repository and now the shared
> repository is 758860 MB.
> This is not good.

In addition to other comments, try "bzr upgrade --1.9".  (Don't forget to
delete/exclude the backup.bzr directory when measuring disk usage.)

The 1.9 format has more compact index files than the default format.  The
actual pack files are the same, but the index files can be a significant
part of the repository data.

Once bzr 1.9 is old enough that most users are likely to have it, then we'll
probably make the 1.9 format the default format for new branches.


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