Which help topic lists/explains URL aliases as :parent et al?

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Dec 9 17:32:19 GMT 2008

I've tried `bzr pull :push` but it does not work.

bzr help topics

authentication       Information on configuring authentication
basic                Basic commands
branches             Information on what a branch is
bugs                 Bug tracker settings
checkouts            Information on what a checkout is
commands             Basic help for all commands
configuration        Details on the configuration settings available
conflicts            Types of conflicts and what to do about them
criss-cross          Information on criss-cross merging
env-variables        Environment variable names and values
files                Information on configuration and log files
formats              Directory formats
global-options       Options that control how Bazaar runs
hidden-commands      All hidden commands
hooks                Points at which custom processing can be added
launchpad            Using Bazaar with Launchpad.net
patterns             Information on the pattern syntax
repositories         Basic information on shared repositories.
revisionspec         Explain how to use --revision
rules                Information on defining rule-based preferences
standalone-trees     Information on what a standalone tree is
standard-options     Options that can be used with any command
status-flags         Help on status flags
sync-for-reconfigure Steps to resolve "out-of-sync" when reconfiguring
topics               Topics list
urlspec              Supported transport protocols
working-trees        Information on working trees


urlspec don't say anything about :URLs... :-(

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