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On Sat, 2008-12-06 at 10:06 -0800, Martin Pool wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 12:06 AM, Russel Winder
> <russel.winder at> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2008-12-04 at 23:32 -0800, Martin Pool wrote:
> >> ~/.bzr.log will probably tell you that some plugin is demanding bzrlib 1.10
> >
> > Of course I should have checked this first, apologies.  The culprit is
> > bzr-svn, the recent update of the 0.4 branch to create 0.4.16 has
> > clearly created the problem :-(
> The easiest fix is probably to upgrade bzr to 1.10rc1, which will work
> with that.

Indeed, I did that last evening, and it all Just Works (tm).

Thanks to John, bzr 1.10, bzrtools 1.10 and bzr-svn 0.4.16 for Intrepid
all appeared in PPA at the same time, meaning I was able to do the
upgrade of all three and continue to have a consistent Bazaar install.
John is therefore designated Seriously Cool :-)

(Though I note the gutsy and dapper versions of bzrtools are still at
1.9.1 and the gutsy version of bzr-svn is still 0.4.13.  I wonder if
anyone using Bazaar out of PPA is actually using Gutsy or Dapper?)

ram at (whoever that is) also deserves congratulatory mention,
MacPorts too has a nice consistent set of bzr 1.10, bzrtools 1.10 and
bzr-svn 0.4.16.  Which is great.

The only downside for me just now is Solaris 10, as there is no Bazaar
material at Sunfreeware, I am still having to use on those

Apart from the (minor) tribulations on Solaris, Bazaar 1.10 was a smooth
release.  Thanks.

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