bzr-svn: getting changes from svn repo

jagmohan patel jmohanpatel at
Thu Dec 4 17:01:35 GMT 2008


Firstly I would like to thank the bazaar team for creating such a
wonderful tool. I am really enjoying using it.

I am trying to use bzr-svn to work with existing svn repos. I created
a local branch using a command:

$ bzr branch svn+ssh://<project-path>/trunk proj.bzr

now I want to periodically get the checkins by others
into my workspace.

I am currently doing this using:

$ bzr pull svn+ssh//<project-path>/trunk

While this works, is it possible to achieve the same result
without specifying the svn url?

I tried "bzr pull" and "bzr update" but that doesnt achieve
the same results as the above commands. As I am trying
to move to the bzr client for most of my svn repos its
somewhat painful to type all the different urls for each

I am also somewhat confused between bzr pull and
bzr update in the current scenario. Am I using bzr-svn
the right way?


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