bzr version numbers

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Thu Dec 4 08:01:25 GMT 2008

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Turnbull <stephen at> writes:


    Stephen> Yeah Yeah Yeah I've heard the Greek chorus "But
    Stephen> they're all usable by later versions, But They're
    Stephen> All Usable By Later Versions, BUT THEY'RE ALL USABLE
    Stephen> BY LATER VERSIONS" in four-part harmony,

Nice one, I still ear the echos :)


    >> Numbers are simple, concise, and they intuitively and instantly
    >> indicate ordering.

    Stephen> Unfortunately, they don't always indicate ordering
    Stephen> intuitively, FSVO "reader".  Also, numbers often
    Stephen> have cardinal properties, and these are partly
    Stephen> intuited from context and partly defined by project
    Stephen> policy.


    >> > It's annoying that deprecations and format names need the version
    >> > coded into the patch when they start, even though it's hard to tell
    >> > what precise release they'll land in.

Given this three paragraphs, how about bumping the major version
number when we decide to make a given format the default one ?

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