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I think you missed out "Git is small" as the 4th area. I am not sure what to
make of it though. Another comparison made just over half a year ago had
Bazaar win in this department, so did Git make a huge improvement in this
area over the past half a year, or was the comparison (unintentionally)
rigged in Git's favour?

Also, did the author detect a bug? I note the comment that "the second Bzr
number is after I ran 'bzr pack', which I thought would make it smaller, but
ended up making it much, much larger for some reason."


P.S.: The comparison I mentioned is available at:

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 5:11 AM, Elliot Murphy <elliot at canonical.com> wrote:

> I while I use bzr and launchpad every single day, I really respect the
> work done at GitHub, and just saw this site:
> http://whygitisbetterthanx.com/
> Git is listed as better than bzr in 4 areas:
> - cheap local branching
> - git is fast
> - the staging area
> I don't understand why git is supposed to be better than bzr at cheap
> local branching, perhaps this is a case of not having a shared repo by
> default causes a surface evaluation to make git look better here.
> I haven't investigated the claim about speed, but the numbers are posted
> and the benchmarking was done with publicly available branches of the
> django project, so it would be interesting to get confirmation on these.
> I disagree with the claim that the staging area makes git better than
> bzr but I can see how it's a subjective thing - for me, shelve works
> great to handle this. Of course, shelve is not in the core commands that
> bzr ships...
> I disagree that GitHub is the only social network for code because I use
> launchpad the same way that GitHub is described here, but GitHub has
> plenty of neat features that I drool over and would like to see in
> launchpad (and launchpad has plenty of features that I would miss sorely
> if I used GitHub exclusively). So I'd say this one should be a tie, and
> it's totally fair for the GitHub folks to pitch GitHub as a reason to
> choose git.
> Anyway, interesting stuff to look at.
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