Reusing or delete branch name/path in a central repository

Michael Reichenauer michaelr at
Mon Dec 1 14:00:36 GMT 2008


There does not seam to be a way to delete a branch from a central repository
using Bazaar commands, e.g. “bzr branch –delete <path>”. Is there a known
workaround for this without providing access to the actual file system where
the Bazaar repository is stored?

I guess there is a good reasons for not including the delete branch support,
and I would appreciate some comments regarding this issue, or if some one
can post a link or search phrase with more information. I have searched for
information and found this:

I imagine two uses for deleting branches:

1) After a branch has been merged into the parent, there is often little use
of keeping the branch, especially after some time when the project has moved

2) It would make it possible to reuse branch names/paths. E.g. the second
time that someone wants to implement a specific feature.

On a local file system (distributed work flow) this is of course no problem,
but when working with a central work flow, it does seam to be a problem. One
would like to limit the central repository access to just Bazaar command
access to minimize the mistakes developers can do. Allowing direct file
access, does increase the risk of corrupting the repository. On the other
hand, deleting branches has it’s own risks, but it is still nice to be able
to at least reuse branch names/paths.

The only workaround I can think for reusing a branch path is to do a “bzr
push –overwrite <destination-path>”, but that requires that the source
branch is first retrieved out from the repository to a local folder and then
pushed back again. I.e. there is no “bzr push –overwrite <source-path>

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Michael Reichenauer

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