Is it possible to disable autopack?

Christian Tschabuschnig tschaboo at
Fri Nov 28 20:17:47 GMT 2008

Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
> Well, doing "file-based remote backups of a bazaar repository"
> indeed "costs a lot of bandwidth".

I thought that if i exclude the obsolete_packs directory, it wouldn't be
that bad as long as i upload every revision only once.

> What is your aim exactly ? And what is your configuration ? Do
> you have several branches in that repository ? Is bzr available
> on both sides ? Which server provides which protocol (ftp, shh,
> sftp, http) ?

I'm doing remote backups over a proprietary protocol (jungledisk). It's
a standalone repository with only 2 to 10 commits per day. I'm the only
user of this repository [1]. I thought that it hopefully won't get much
slower as long as there are - say - less than 5000 files?

> There are many ways to provides repository mirrors, but copying
> them file by file is not an option (lots of caveats).

Mirroring it to an ftp-server is not an option for me since i don't have
a remote server which is secure enough. That's why i'm backing up
file-based with encryption.


[1] I don't care that much backing up repositories used by several
people since everyone has a "backup" anyway.
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