Is it possible to disable autopack?

Aaron Bentley aaron at
Fri Nov 28 17:30:43 GMT 2008

Christian Tschabuschnig wrote:
> I'm doing file-based remote backups of a bazaar repository. The
> revisions often have several megabytes. I want to disable autopacking
> because the consolidation every 10 commits costs a lot of bandwith. Is
> there a option to disable autopacking for a single repository?
> I guess i could disable autopack for all repositories by adding a
> "return False" in autopack in

You disable autopack, but it will make your repository slower and slower
to use over time.

Bazaar 1.9 and later support server-side autopack.  So if you are using
bzr+ssh and both client and server are 1.9 or later, autopack is a very
cheap operation.


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