Keeping local configuration versioned

Brian de Alwis bsd at
Thu Nov 27 15:37:52 GMT 2008

Use Marius' solution but also set up a commit hook such that a commit  
to the mainline branch automatically pushes the commit to the conf  

On 27-Nov-2008, at 6:54 AM, Marius Kruger wrote:

> 2008/11/27 Maciej Katafiasz <mathrick at>
> To reiterate, the end effect I want to achieve is that I have two
> branches: "mainline" and "devel". Devel is branched from mainline, and
> synced regularly with it. Additionally, devel has two flavours of
> changesets: actual development and local config adjustment. I want
> commits to go to the development bag unless I explicitly state  
> otherwise,
> and I want to be able to push from devel to mainline at any time and  
> have
> _only_ the development changesets merged, without having to remember  
> to
> pull to/push from/exclude something, and ideally without having to use
> something else than "bzr commit" for commits. I'm okay with there  
> being
> multiple branches internally, as long as it doesn't require me to
> remember about the fact.
> I normally keep these sort of things in separate directories:
> myproject_main/.bzr
> myproject_conf/.bzr
> where each is versioned separately.

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