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Thu Nov 27 12:54:42 GMT 2008

2008/11/27 Maciej Katafiasz <mathrick at>

> Hi,
> I'm looking for a solution to what I think is a fairly common problem:
> I'm working on a website, and obviously have a local branch. This branch,
> in addition to all the development I want to push upstream, has some
> changes related to the DB/host settings that I _don't_ want propagated
> into mainline, but which I'd nevertheless like to have versioned (the
> changed files are versioned in the mainline, so I sort of don't have a
> choice anyway). However, I can't see a branch structure/plugin/whatever
> that would let me have that.
> I thought about just arranging multiple local branches carefully at
> first, but I couldn't find a setup that wouldn't result in either me
> having to sync things manually (not good) or having to remember about not
> committing things (obviously a no go). For a moment, it looked like loom
> might be the solution, but it turns out it's actually sort of opposite of
> what I want to achieve (it lets me hide history and the resulting changes
> on the fly, whereas I very much want to have them visible, just excluded
> from pushes). Therefore I'd like to hear suggestions as to what I should
> use.
> To reiterate, the end effect I want to achieve is that I have two
> branches: "mainline" and "devel". Devel is branched from mainline, and
> synced regularly with it. Additionally, devel has two flavours of
> changesets: actual development and local config adjustment. I want
> commits to go to the development bag unless I explicitly state otherwise,
> and I want to be able to push from devel to mainline at any time and have
> _only_ the development changesets merged, without having to remember to
> pull to/push from/exclude something, and ideally without having to use
> something else than "bzr commit" for commits. I'm okay with there being
> multiple branches internally, as long as it doesn't require me to
> remember about the fact.

I normally keep these sort of things in separate directories:
where each is versioned separately.
As far as I know the one can even be inside the other eg:
in this case the myproject branch would ignore conf completely.
when you do want to commit stuff in conf you'll need to cd into it.

I suggest you play a bit with it first, to get a feel for it.

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