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Wed Nov 26 03:59:00 GMT 2008

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Martin Pool wrote:
> It's been a pretty busy few weeks of development, on CHKInventories,
> fixes to some stacking bugs, and some network improvements.  Some of
> the CHK-related work isn't in trunk yet and won't be for a while, but
> we should still keep up our regular releases.
> Our schedule is to do 1.10rc1 this coming Friday, the 28th of
> November, and 1.10final one week after that.  I'll do the rc1, but
> I'll then be away at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in California, and
> John has said he'll do the final release.
> Would someone else like to be RM for 1.11?  On the regular schedule
> this would be coming out on the 2nd of January -- some people have
> more time over the holidays and others have less.  On the whole it may
> be better to make the next cycle a couple of weeks longer than usual.

I would be willing, though the 2nd itself is probably not good for me.
My wife is out of town for ~3/4ths of December so I'll probably have a
decent amount of time to work. But she gets back on the 1st, so I think
I'll need the 2nd as a no-work day.

> The most important bugs for this release, it seems to me, were the
> ones to do with stacking branches (288751 etc), which I think are now
> fixed, though there are still some nits on Launchpad.  We have about
> 25 patches in review now, about half of which are approved, so let's
> get them finished off and landed this week.

I think I managed to get everything approved/tweaked for me landed. It
would be great to get some more reviews and get the queue cleared out.
I'll not we have some really old "approved but not merged" stuff, which
we probably should either reject by now, or actually get done. (I did
that for one of Ian's patches that Robert had voiced some concerns on.)


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