bzr and perforce

Matt McClure mlm at
Sat Nov 22 14:11:07 GMT 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 7:27 PM, Josh Matthews <josh at> wrote:
> I've been looking over bzr-p4, and I think I understand the current state of
> the project better now.  I'd like to contribute, and unless you have a
> better idea, I'd like to get a tool up and running that is the reverse of
> bzr2p4.  Do you have any thoughts/comments?  Would it be feasible to find a
> way to split up parts of git-p4.P4Sync so I can make use of them?

My goal for a first release that I can use for my own work is a set of
tools that enables the following workflow:

1. Keep a Bazaar branch exported from a Perforce depot and
synchronized with Perforce, e.g., with p4-fast-export |
2. Make a branch for my own work.
3. a. Commit changes to my branch.
3. b. Rebase my changes on top of new changes from Perforce via the
branch in (1).
3. c. Repeat (3a) and (3b) as necessary.
4. Play my changes onto a Perforce workspace and submit them to the
Perforce depot one by one.

What's missing, I think, is:

* functionality to determine the delta changes in Perforce since the
last export/import in (1)
* confidence in bzr2p4 doing the right thing in (4)
* cleanup!  The arguments and outputs of the commands are a
hodge-podge, and the dependencies are a bear to install.

I understand that bzr-svn goes quite a bit farther than this.  I'm
just imagining the least possible amount of work to get to a usable
set of tools first.


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