AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: bzr selftest (on solaris 10): too may open files

Voelker, Bernhard bernhard.voelker at
Wed Nov 19 16:53:02 GMT 2008

Vincent wrote:

> - I'm able to reproduce the 'Too many open files'.
> - I don't get the "diff: illegal option" (because I use GNU
> - I do get the
>   failure.
> *and* this is also true with python-2.5.2.
> Interrupting the selftest and using pfiles <pid> reveals that in
> fact the open files are sockets...
> I have yet to understand why this happens on Solaris and not on
> Linux but it means that only selftest is concerned by the problem
> and not should not have consequences when using bzr itself.
> I'll run the test suite by parts to check which tests are really
> failing and keep you informed, but the important result is that
> you should be safe using bzr.

great - that you can reproduce it, not that the errors exist ;-)

I also saw many sockets with pfiles <pid>. And there also many
lwps (/proc/<pid>/lwp/*). I guess the threads are communicating
via sockets.

BTW: can you really open the number of files shown with ulimit?
I can only open 255 ;-(


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